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hydraulic seals, pneumatics seals,
o-rings, oil seals & gaskets
for all industries worldwide

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Allied Metrics is a manufacturer and distributor of metric hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals, o-rings (including viton, silicone, and ptfe), oil seals and gaskets for industries worldwide.  

We have been producing quality seals for more than 20 years, delivering high quality metric & pneumatic seals to customers around the world.  Our reputation for using world class technology and support is well reflected in our work. Our dedication to advancing the industry is exemplified by our vigorous innovation that we have pursued with great enthusiasm for several years.

We strive to provide every customer with exceptional seals at a good price.  
Exceptional Metric Seals – We offer a large variety of metric o-rings and seals, which are built for tremendous durability and wear.  

Outstanding Pneumatic Seals – Allied Metrics' unparalleled reliability and revolutionary pneumatic sealing innovations in empower industrial operations around the globe.