High-Quality Industrial Oil Seals

What are Oil Seals?

Oil seals are designed to close off spaces between components in mechanical equipment, whether stationary or moving. The objective of these oil seals is to keep any lubricant from escaping through the equipment, keeping the machine running as smoothly as possible. The oil seals also keep any potentially harmful contaminants (dirt, fluids, etc.) from seeping into the machines, or the mixing of two different materials, like oil and water. This is extremely important in high-intensity work environments.

The Allied Metrics Advantage

If you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable oil seal, the seals from Allied Metrics are perfect for you. Our oil seals are extremely durable and are used by many Fortune 500 companies.

Oil seals from Allied Metrics can be used for any type of machinery that seals hydraulic fluid—pumps, automotive, cylinder manufacturers and more. They are also handy tools for people who focus on rebuilding pumps and cylinders rather than building them from scratch.

All seals from Allied Metrics are made with our state-of-the-art machining services to ensure the highest quality possible. Using this technology, we have the ability to custom make any standard or non-standard seal profile to meet any of your needs.

When you order our oil seals, you get a number of options for customization in terms of order quantity, as well as the size, style, profile and material of your seals. We provide seals ranging in size from 4 mm to 1000 mm. Any profile choice can be created in any size. Most seals do not have radials, and helixes must be specially ordered.

Ordering your oil seals from Allied Metrics is easy. Simply give the size and dimensions that you need for each seal, the material the seals will be made of and the quantity of the order (there are minimum quantity orders that are based on the seal size), and you’ll be all set! Best of all, we offer a quick turnaround time for deliveries. Standard products take about one week, and custom product orders take four to six weeks to process and deliver.

Available Oil Seal Styles & Materials

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