Molded Rubber Gaskets and Seals

Allied Metrics O-Rings & Seals is proud to be the finest producer of molded rubber gaskets and molded rubber seals. Regardless of the environment or application, we have the knowledge and experience to resolve any sealing issues. We understand the critical nature of component performance and our design team consults directly with each customer to ensure the perfect final product.

When to use Different Rubber Gaskets

Gaskets are manufactured in a number of different styles. Below is a short explanation of each process so that you can choose the best option for your needs.

Molded Gaskets

Molding is an excellent option for mass production of gaskets with exact dimensions and little need for finishing. To create rubber gaskets in this fashion, liquid rubber is injected into a mold at high pressure and allowed to cool into the desired shape. This form of production ensures higher precision and allows for more cost-effective mass production.

Benefits of Custom Molded Rubber Gaskets

When you choose custom molded rubber gaskets from Allied Metrics, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality gaskets available with a number of additional advantages:

  • Three dimensional geometry
  • Tight dimensional tolerances
  • No splices, so parting lines can be designed to minimize leak paths
  • Special engraving available on the visible surface of the gasket

How to Determine Designed Compressive Force

Rubber seals and gaskets are compressed between two mating components, and the amount of compressive force necessary for them to be effective is dependent on a number of factors. The primary concerns are typically the pressure of the surrounding area and the size of the particle that is being sealed.

Gas, liquid, and oil each have different particle sizes and therefore require a different amount of compressive force to keep them from escaping a seal. The higher the pressure within the sealed area, the greater the pressure necessary to maintain the seal.

Once you have determined the basic pressure and particle size of your system or equipment, several additional material properties must be taken into consideration when determining compressive force:

  • Compression set to determine the material deformation when placed under a certain amount of pressure
  • Stress relaxation (creep) of the gasket material when placed under constant pressure
  • Durometer readings to determine the hardness of the gasket material
    Geometry of the gasket and mating surfaces

When to Use Different Materials for Gaskets

  • Nitrile rubber (NBR) is oil-resistant and used in fuel systems.
  • Viton® is a chemical- and heat-resistant synthetic rubber used frequently in extreme environments and applications.
  • Silicone has a high compression set resistance and temperature insulation, so it is particularly useful in high-temperature applications.
  • Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is a synthetic rubber that is UV-, ozone-, and weather-resistant, making it very useful in outdoor applications.
  • Hydrogenated nitrile rubber (H-NBR) is valued for its high tensile strength and resistance to chemicals, oil, and extreme heat. It is used in fuel systems for automotive and aerospace applications.
  • Polyurethane rubber is flexible and ideal for use in environments where it will not be exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture. It is less expensive than silicone and is used in a variety of household items.
  • Aflas® rubber resists chemicals and ozone, and is often used in chemical processes and oil and gas exploration.
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is extremely heat resistant and non-reactive to chemicals, which makes it common for use in chemical and industrial applications.

Available Materials Include:

  • NBR – FDA & Standard
  • VITON – FDA & Standard
  • SILICONE – FDA & Standard
  • EPDM
  • H-NBR – FDA & Standard
  • POLYURETHANE – Hydrolysis-Resistant, High & Low Temperature-Resistant.
  • PTFE – Virgin, Glass-Filled, Bronze-Filled, Carbon-Filled, Graphite-Filled, Ekonol
  • Other Materials on Request. Please Call Us for Availability.

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