Rod Seals

A type of dynamic hydraulic seal, Hydraulic rod seals are the single most important seal on any piece of fluid power equipment (i.e., cylinders and pumps). They are designed to ensure pressurized fluid stays out of the system while the rod performs its job. Durability and fit are key, so you need to purchase these seals from a reliable distributor. Look no further than Allied Metrics. Our hydraulic seals are consistent and durable, and are the subject of high praise from our customers.

Leaking rod seals can be quite dangerous—not only will they hamper the performance of your machine, but they will also cause some potentially harmful environmental issues. Therefore, it makes sense to apply a durable seal to your machinery so you can minimize these risks. As a trusted hydraulic cylinder seal manufacturer, Allied Metrics makes some of the most durable seals in the industry.

Single-Acting & Double-Acting Rod Seals for Sale

Single-acting (left) and double-acting rod seals
Single-acting (left) and double-acting rod seals.

There are two main varieties of hydraulic rod seals: single-acting and double-acting (pictured at right). Single-acting seals seal dynamic pressure from one side, while double-acting seals can be pressurized from both sides, either exclusively from one side or simultaneously from both sides.
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Custom Seals

In addition to standard sizes, we can also manufacture customized seals. No matter the size or shape, your seals will be made from a wide selection of durable materials and state-of-the-art machining processes. One of the most important things to remember when customizing hydraulic rod seals is to be sure it’s paired with the proper wiper seal in order to provide the best sealing performance possible. Aggressive rod seals should be paired with aggressive wipers, and vice versa. If you mix and match you run the risk of wearing down the seal or causing leakage in the system. For questions regarding our customization services, please call us at (973) 383-2487.

As with all of our products, you can count on a quick turnaround time for your order. We can get standard seal orders to you in a week or less, and custom seal orders within four to six weeks. The prices for all orders depend on the size, material and other variables of your seals.

Order Seals Online

Whether you’re in the market for standard or customized seals, order your seals online today from Allied Metrics. Be sure to also check out our hydraulic piston seals.