When selecting the sealing element material, it is very important to take into account the environment in which the seal will operate. The most important factors are temperature, the medium being sealed, pressure, and shaft speed. Allied Metrics offers seals in a variety of materials including FKM, HNBR, NBR, ACM and many more. NBR, VMQ and FKM seals have a very good resistance to wear.

VMQ and FKM seals provide very good resistance to oil at high temperatures (see the chart below for detailed information).

We can use materials such as PTFE in our seals that can withstand low temperatures down to -80° Celsius.

We also offer a wide range of seal materials that are very good (FKM) and extremely good (PTF and FKM) with oil resistance.

Allied Metrics’ unparalleled reliability and revolutionary sealing innovations empower industrial operations around the globe. Our reputation for usage of world class technology and support is well reflected in our work. Our dedication to advancing the seal and o-ring industry is exemplified by our vigorous innovation that we have pursued with great enthusiasm for several years.

Wear Resistance very good moderate moderate very good moderate good very good
High Temperature Oil Resistance moderate max. 100 C max. 80 C in heavy oil good max. 150 C very good max. 180 C very good max. 200 C (max 150 C operat.temp.) good max. 150 C (max 140 C operat.temp.) good max. 200 C very good max. 200 C (max 140 C operat..temp.)
Low Temperature -40° C -30° C -50° C -25° C -40° C -80° C -10° C
Oil Resistance good good moderate very good good extremely good extremely good

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