Bonded Seals

A bonded seal is composed of a metal washer with an elastomeric ring securely bonded inside the diameter. The metal washer limits deformation and prevents over-compression of the elastomeric ring. Bonded seals were originally designed to replace copper washers in high-pressure systems, and now they are an integral component in various mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic applications.

Allied Metrics O-Rings & Seals is a full-service manufacturer and distributor of pneumatic, hydraulic, and oil seals, including bonded seals and washers. Our bonded seals offer reliable performance for various critical applications within industries such as aerospace, oil & gas, food processing, and many more. Our state-of-the-art machining capabilities and extensive seal manufacturing experience allow us to produce bonded seals and washers for your specific needs.

Benefits and Features of Bonded Seals

Bonded seals are used to protect critical bolted connections and mounting elements in sensitive applications such as pipe connections and couplings. While elastomeric-only seals may sometimes be used to provide sealing pressure, bonded seals combine a metal washer with an elastomeric ring to create a stronger and more powerful leak-proof seal.

Other benefits of bonded seals include:

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Bonded Seals & Washers

  • Bonded seals and washers provide reliable sealing at both high and low-pressure points.
  • The strength of bonded seals serves to prevent over-compression and limit deformation of the elastomeric ring.
  • They feature a low bolt torque compared to fully metallic seals. This makes for easier installation, limits handling damage, and ensures higher performance levels.

Advantages of Bonded Seals from Allied Metrics

For quality bonded seals and washers you can trust, you can rely on the experts at Allied Metrics. Our in-depth industry experience enables us to deliver innovative seal solutions that meet your specific needs, all at highly competitive prices. Not only do you benefit from our expertise, research and development capabilities, and extensive testing facilities, you receive bonded seals with exceptional advantages:

  • Ability to withstand a broad range of temperatures
  • Dependable high and low-pressure sealing
  • Reduced bolt torque without losing tightening load
  • Automatic installation
  • Superb liquid and dust protection

Bonded seals and washers from Allied Metrics are also available in the self-centralizing form, which means they have an extra lip on the seal that is designed to eliminate leakage due to seal offset and make for easier installation.

Available Bonded Seal Materials & Sizes from Allied Metrics

Allied Metrics uses our expertise to perform an in-depth analysis of your needs and design the appropriate bonded seal and washer. We assess the various available elastomeric formulations as well as your pressure and temperature requirements to engineer the most appropriate combination of materials and bond chemistry, in sizes to meet your specific needs.

Available materials for bonded seals:

  • Buna
  • Viton
  • Silicone
  • EPDM

Available sizes for bonded seals:

  • Imperial
  • German Metric
  • French Metric

Bonded Seals and Washers from Allied Metrics

Allied Metrics O-Rings & Seals has decades of experience as a premium, full-service manufacturer and distributor of quality bonded seals and washers. We can develop the ideal seal solution to meet your detailed specifications for virtually any sealing need. To learn more about our products, or to discuss how we can meet your application’s requirements, contact us today at 973-383-2487 or email your questions to You can also request a quote online to start your order.