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Hydraulic Seals

Durable hydraulic seals designed to last longer and withstand high pressure.

Hydraulic rod seals

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The most important of all hydraulic seals, rod seals ensure pressurized fluid stays out of the hydraulic system. We offer durable single-acting and double-acting seals that insure the rod performs its job. Customization available.

Hydraulic piston seals

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Piston seals are specifically designed to prevent pressurized fluid from leaking in-between the piston and bore. Also available in single-acting and double-acting configurations. Customization available.

What are Hydraulic Seals?

Hydraulic seals (also referred to as hydraulic cylinder seals or shaft seals) are devices designed to keep fluids from escaping from cylinders or pumps while simultaneously preventing foreign contaminants from entering them. They are vital pieces in many types of machinery since they help create a method for fluid power to be converted into linear motion. Given the working conditions found in many of these industries, these seals need to be built to withstand high pressure. That durability is exactly what makes Allied Metrics the trusted hydraulic seal manufacturer it is today.

Durable Hydraulic Cylinder Seals for Lasting Cylinder Repair

Hydraulic seals

As previously stated, Allied Metrics is a leader among hydraulic cylinder seal manufacturers. Our seals and other cylinder repair parts are built to last far longer than the average seal and are held in high regard by many well-known Fortune 500 companies and OEMs. And because our seals come in many different materials, dimensions and sizes (ranging from 4 mm to 1000 mm), we make hydraulic cylinder repair easy. Whether you're looking for standard sizes or need a full set of custom hydraulic seals, we have the ability to provide any shaft seal type with our cutting-edge machining services. Of course, not every machine contains both rods and pistons, so be sure you know the difference between the two, and which one is the type of seal that you need.

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Order Hydraulic Seals Online

Order hydraulic seals online from Allied Metrics today and get a quick turnaround. Standard product orders take about a week to deliver and custom product orders take slightly longer (about four to six weeks). For questions regarding our custom hydraulic cylinder seals services, please call us at (973) 383-2487.

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